11-day cruise between two capitals of Russia, including overnights with daily guided tours in Moscow and St. Petersburg; visits to Kizhi, Goritzy, Uglich and much more!


Extraordinary city of St. Petersburg, founded by Peter the Great in 1703, is the highlight of your Russian River adventure. Enjoy the extravagant baroque architecture of the city center, Nevsky Prospect, Palace Square and Smolny Convent.
St. Petersburg, Russia
Arrival and embarkation. Extraordinary city of St. Petersburg, founded by Peter the Great in 1703, is the highlight of your Russian River adventure.
St. Petersburg, Russia
Enjoy the extravagant baroque architecture of the city center, Nevsky Prospect, Palace Square and Smolny Convent.
3You are free to explore this magnificent and romantic city on your own, or purchase optional tours to Pushkin and see beautiful and fascinating Catherine's Palace and visit to the magnificent gardens and spectacular fountains of opulent Peterhof, czars' Summer Palace located on the coast of the Finland Gulf. Your evening schedule is free, and you are welcome to join the optional Gala Folklore show excursion, or a ballet performance at the Hermitage Theatre, once the private theatre of the Czars.

Optional program:

  • Gala Folklore show
  • Ballet performance at the Hermitage Theatre

4Today we will see the wonders of the elegant Winter Palace, which houses the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art and cultural museums in the world.
Small river village Mandrogi with its gingerbread houses is a living fairy tale. Completely destroyed during WWII, Mandrogi was restored to its former glory at the end of 20th century. Nowadays this cozy little village really is a pearl: all the buildings in the village are made in Russian traditional village style, including the complex of museums, each displaying a different side of Russian folk life.
5Visit to Mandrogi is probably alike to setting a foot into parallel world somewhere on the border between dreams and reality. This toy-like village offers the insight into old national epic. Travelers are getting to learn about old craftsmanship and have to be prepared for something special on behalf of local dwellers! Museum of Russian Vodka also is a highlight. Farewell Dinner is on the list.
Vytegra is quite ancient: it was first mentioned in 1496; and it is very cozy - just as quite northern Russian provence city would be. During times of Russian Tzar Peter the Great the place was a significat one for Russian navy - there was a shipyard upstream nearby. In the beginning of 20th century Vytegra was known as a place of political exile. Vytegra has preserved its historical centre with 18th-19th century buildings, old churches and a cathedral.
Today Vytegra hosts three sites that are classified as cultural and historical heritage by Russian Federal law. Also sixty-six sites are classified as cultural and historical heritage of local importance. The cultural heritage monuments of the federal significance in Vytegra are: the remains of the Mariinsky Waterway from the early 19th century, the Vytegorsky District Museum, and B440 Foxtrot-class submarine that is docked and that is museum now.
Goritsy is a tiny settlement near the White Lake. The spirit of this picturesque town has powerful impact upon the visitors: for time-being travelers seem to forget reality under the influence of the medieval atmosphere of the site. Goritsy is the place of deep spiritual life of monks and numerous ancient monasteries.
Goritsy, Russia
One of the highlights of the day might be a visit to one of the oldest and the most famous Russian monasteries – the Monastery of St. Cyril of the White Lake. Dating back to the 14th century, it is a home to the most exquisite icon collection in the world.
Uglitch is one of the oldest, and, probably, one of the most beloved Russian towns, and a place of a pilgrimage of Russian Czars. According to a local legend its origin goes back to back to 937. The view of the town as it is approached from the Volga River is especially lovely with the Cathedral of the Resurrection and St. John’s Church looming on the horizon.
Dmitry Blood's Church, Uglitch
During the guided walking tour there will be a visit to magnificent five domed Transfiguration Cathedral and Church of Tsarevich Dmitry on the Blood. This church was built to commemorate the most famous event in the town's history – a mysterious death of the 7-year old Tsarevich Dmitry, the last scion of Dimitri Rurik dynasty. Uglitch Kremlin is also on the list. Those who wish will have the opportunity to explore the Flea Market.
The capital of Russia since the late 15th century, Moscow has always been a popular destination. During your stay, you will have an opportunity to see city's world renowned attractions that include the UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Kremlin or St. Basil’s Cathedral.

During your stay in Moscow you are also free to purchase optional tours that include the following: Red Square; the Tretyakov Gallery; the National Museum of Russian Fine Art; the Moscow Metro; and a tour of the Armory with its spectacular and priceless collection of royal jewels, crowns, thrones, and armor of the czars. For groups additional optional evening entertainment and tours are available, and you are welcome to take a Moscow by Night city tour, or attend a circus or theatre performance.

Moscow, Russia
Arrival in Moscow. Sightseeing motor coach tour of this ancient Russian capital, including Tverskaya Street, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Bolshoi Theater and Moscow State University for a panoramic view of the city. Lunch and dinner.
Moscow, Russia
Morning tour of the Kremlin. The Moscow Kremlin is former residence of Russian czars, an architectural ensemble of unique beauty, which took shape between the 15th and 20th centuries. The center of the Kremlin is the Cathedral Square that is a unique complex of masterpieces of medieval architecture. The architectural ensemble of the Cathedral Square consists of several cathedrals and palaces; one of them is the Assumption Cathedral – the oldest Moscow Kremlin church, and one of the most important ones in Russia. On Kremlin grounds there also are the famous Czar Cannon of the 16-th century and Czar Bell of the 18-th century.
11Time to bid farewell to your new friends after unforgettable journey through this fascinating land. Disembarkation.


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