World Quest Cruises

Come enjoy an unforgettable journey with World Quest Cruises!

World Quest Cruises operates a fleet of ships plying the waters of World's greatest rivers like the Mekong, Volga and Don, Dnieper and Danube. Our Adventure Cruises division operates voyages to the North Pole from Helsinki and Murmansk aboard very special ship – the most powerful icebreaker in the world that uses nuclear energy in the most remarkable way and for peaceful purposes. Selected expedition cruises to Antarctica are also among our product range: out of many ships there we've chosen several with style, atmosphere and service of classical cruises, but with fleet of zodiacs and great Expedition Team aboard to take you to adventures and to bring back to luxury and coziness afterwards. The calmest rivers and lakes become quite stormy once in a while; and it is quite often that the "terrible" Drake Passage is as smooth as mirror. Come enjoy them all with us. In comfort and style.


Expedition cruises: rare and remarkable combination of Spitsbergen and Franz Josef Land: one is populated and the other one is wild, but both – Polar Bear Kingdoms!

River cruises: Cambodia and Vietnam cruises along the Mekong river are done on the new ship Mekong Prestige that was built in 2012 specially for these voyages.


River Cruises 2014-2015
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